We Can Make More Money… We Can’t Make More Time


About Us

The Slackers Union is a place where people living life can come together and share great places, experiences, music, and resources.

We can always make more money….We can’t make more time!

Favorite Musicians

Music is a part of every Slackers day. Here at the Union, we want to share the cool tunes that we love and hope that you will share new bands with us.

Slacker of the Month

Slacking is an art, and doing it well deserves recognition. The slacker of the month is an honor for only the chillest of slackers. Nominate someone you believe that lives our motto. We can make more money…we can’t make more time.


The Slackers Union is growing all the time. Check out our current union designs and register your town to join the union.


SLACKERS UNION is currently under construction.

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